Planning For The Alliance Prototype Project Essay

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Project Strategy and Planning
When planning for the Alliance Prototype Project, we took a very structured approach. Group members were assigned formal roles, which were then used to delegate portions of the planning document. Each section of the planning document was completed individually, but was revised at a follow up meeting where the group discussed their rationale behind each of their decisions. When formulating the scope statement, our Quality Manager focused on key deliverables and defined constraints, synthesizing the available information into one cohesive statement. Our Risk Manager brainstormed a list of all possible risks when executing the simulation, assigned probability and cost impacts to each, and then decided whether to accept or mitigate each risk. Our Communications, Resource, and Human Resource managers each created plans to manage interactions with team members and stakeholders based on our initial scope statement, in order to avoid the potential risks outlined. Finally, the Budget Manager discussed the cost of each portion of the planning document with each individual group member, eventually ending in a compromise that left us well under our $50,000 maximum budget. Despite being deliberate in our planning, there were some key items that our team overlooked. When determining our risks, we failed to consider what would happen if we went past our scheduled project completion date. We were still close to being on budget at the 11 week mark, but our…

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