Fusion Center Case Study

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Fusion Centers Due to the attacks of 9/11, law enforcement felt they needed to start an intelligence sharing place to help reduce attacks such as this one in the future. This idea also led to the creation of fusion centers, an area to exchange information and intelligence. The fusion center is also capable of analyzing information from a variety of sources and deciding how to proceed. These centers can be found in police stations to help ease the process of sharing information, but the idea is still new. Executives hope the use of fusion centers will continue to prove effective and influence more jurisdictions to participate. Police Support Functions There are many functions used to help support the police and make them more efficient. …show more content…
These cuts force departments to maximize the people they have, but to also maintain skilled employees capable of more than one job. Small agencies typically have the fire and police departments together to save on resources. Small agencies also use civilians to fill positions such as clerical work and traffic control. Small agencies rely on larger departments to help cover some areas of jurisdiction instead of hiring an additional officer. Another way to help save resources is offices sharing tools without fees. Additional pressure can be placed on officers to operate more effectually. Overall all departments have to learn to improve productivity, but stay effective without increase …show more content…
I disagree with the idea of time in rank system. This system supposes a perfectly good candidate for a position could get passed over when they could be more qualified for the job, especially when they meet all other required credentials. This program does give a bench mark for those wanting to get promoted to strive for, but they are aware of the requirements needed to be promoted. The idea of having the SWAT team take over in more serious situations because of their intensive training helps to reduce issues from becoming worse, but the idea that the patrol unit is still allowed to assist is helpful. The weakness in this program is the down time on waiting for SWAT to arrive. A situation could become drastically worse if not handled within a short time frame. Technology has created a way to hold higher officials accountable through reports documenting crime within their area and forcing them to make changes, but these officials are also required to create plans to deter crime. Then after these plans have been in place additional reports come out to analyze their plans, this makes officials that are not proactive make changes for the betterment of the community. The section does not include time frames the official have to create useful, proactive plans which could lead to a community being at risk longer. The investigation section was very informative, and it corrected the idea that most

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