Police Corruption

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Police: persons whose responsibility is to enforce laws; usually the term used for the city or municipal officers, as opposed to county deputies (Peak, 2015). The duty of a police officer is to protect, serve and maintain order of the public. They are the ones to call for when there is an emergency or for a civil matter. Policing is a difficult job, it is physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Law enforcement officer are given a great amount of authority to make find solutions to problems and keep the community safe, while being unsupervised.
However, having too much authority can change a person, for the worse. So, that leaves room to wonder, who is maintaining the order of the police? Or preventing and detecting whether they are
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The meat-eaters are extremely aggressive and use their power for personal gain. These are the most dangerous corrupted officers because they will do anything to keep the power that they have over an individual or community. The grass-eaters just take the payoffs given to them on the scene, like a baggie of cocaine or a wad of money.
Why do officers decide to behave in this manner? There are many reasons officers participate in corruption. To begin with, bribery and justification play a role in their decision. Second reason is because of political influence. Third, political standing, officers enforce or not enforce any law to strengthen their political standing. Also, the nature of work, seeing honest people break the laws also influence officers into corruption. It’s pretty much saying “if they did it and they’re higher rank or a politician, my actions will go unnoticed as
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Civilians suffer because they are the victims of law enforcement officers who abuse their power. The community starts to mistrust the criminal justice system itself because justice is not being served when someone commits a crime. The department suffers because their reputation will be tainted, they must deal with investigations and potentially face consequences (stricter policies, be under an eagle eye). It is unfortunate that one officer is able to ruin the reputation of one department, especially when they are high in rank. They have the leadership role, rookie cops and others will not a have a problem following that one person. So, whomever that officer(s) from that department approaches the recipient will be in defense mode. Finally, the economy is affected by corruption because police officers will have to under training immediately and their budget will be dented. If new programs are implanted, the funds will be coming from the department’s budget. .Also, investigations and litigation are

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