Essay on Planning For Special Olympics Healthy Athletes

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Planning for Special Olympics Healthy Athletes: Tobacco Avoidance/Cessation The Special Olympics is a global movement to promote the health, wellness and acceptance of those with intellectual disabilities (ID). Special Olympics acts to raise awareness about the abilities and potential of those with ID through sports (“Special olympics: What we do”, 2016). It also aims to promote healthier lifestyles among the athletes by providing health promotion and screening stations at Special Olympics events. This purpose of this paper is to plan for the Special Olympics health promotion event and to prepare teaching strategies and activities to educate the Special Olympics athletes on the health promotion topic of tobacco avoidance and cessation. This paper will thoroughly discuss ID including challenges and health issues that those living with ID face, and will also discuss effective communication strategies for developing a therapeutic relationship with those living with ID. Furthermore, this paper will discuss teaching and learning strategies to incorporate into the health promotion event about tobacco avoidance and cessation and will consider anticipated strengths and challenges about working with the Special Olympics athletes.
Understanding the Athlete An intellectual disability is the most common developmental disability and is a phrase used to describe a person with certain limitations in cognitive performance and skills, such as communication, social and self-care skills…

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