Essay on Planning At The Local Youth Crisis Center

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I began by brainstorming for ideas. I had so many different ideas and ways to carry out the project. One thing was certain, I wanted to work with children in foster care. I took into account past volunteer experiences. I was still unresolved until another student approached me with an idea, to help the youth at the local Youth Crisis Center. I wanted to create a “bright spot”, and show the children at the Center that they were an important part of the community, and people do care about them. She took on the large project, but there was still so much more the facility needed.
According to the owner of the Youth Crisis Center, Ernest Moreland, “it cost approximately $150.00 per child, per day, every month. After bills, and staff are paid, there is just not enough funds available for extra activities. That is why many of the staff here pull together and do donation drives. We just recently had several bikes donated by Jason Bennett, and the Parsons Police Department”. The cost to run the Center, formerly known as the Shelter; included staff salaries, gas, food, electric, clothing, household supplies, and water. The Youth Crisis Center is recognized as number one in state compliance, and 95% of children placed at YCC excel in the classroom (Youth Crisis Center, 2015). As of 2012, the Center no longer accepted juvenile offenders per Shelly Davis, Youth Crisis Center’s social worker. After contacting Shelly, I had a better understanding of the children’s needs at YCC.…

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