Planning and Practicing Embedded Approaches to Raise Learner Achievement

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Planning and practicing embedded approaches to raise learner achievement

The lack of basic skills within the UK was highlighted in 1999 when an international study found that 22% of British people were functionally illiterate. Furthermore the government commissioned the Moser report (1999), which suggested that “something like one in five adults in this country is not functionally literate and far more people have problems with numeracy” (Petty, 2009, p.536). The report outlined that language, literacy and numeracy skills (LLN) needed to be embedded within all teaching practice. The resulting skills acquired would allow learners to be confident and competent in every day life. It has also been suggested that Information and
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Another aspect is that if they are required to teach LLN/ICT there are some questions that should be asked are; are the students being taught correctly? What are the implications if the students are taught incorrectly? Who is responsible if students do not meet the required standard?

To qualify for the level 3 BTEC national diploma, students require a certain level of academic abilities to enrol on the course (4 A – C GCSE grades). However the level 1 students do not require any formal qualifications. Therefore at the beginning of the course all students are screened using the Basic Skills Knowledge Builder tool (BSKB). This gives me an indication of what level of learning they are at and allows me to find learning support for those students that need it. It is important to note that learning support is used throughout all levels and courses within the department. Throughout the course I can create ILPs for students with achievable goals, some of these goals will be related to the BSKB results. The courses are all assessment based both practically and theoretically which gives opportunities to feedback on LLN and ICT after each assessment or assignment. The courses do not require a specific improvement on LLN or ICT levels during the student’s time at college, however within the course a certain amount LLN and ICT

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