Essay about Planning and Measuring Performances

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Planning and Measuring Performance
Sabir Farooqi
February 27, 2013
Susan Jolley


Organizational evaluation or assessment measures, compares, and analyze the coherence between results and specific objectives. Evaluating goals of a global operation with a unified approach is challenging, and demands for identifying significant factors in the performance and growth of the company. These factors are carefully thought and practiced before they become critical contributors in an organizational performance. Contemporary organizations follow diversified growth parameters for success. These have varied degrees of significance in individual market segments. There are different standards and tools to evaluate their
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Internal processes 1. Introducing cost reduction measures in improving human resource and process efficiency 2. Human resource training in developing FedEx into more learning organization

People / Innovation / Growth 1. Long term investment plans in fleet modernization for lowering operational cost globally for making growth more affordable 2. Long term acquisition plan in the growing markets and markets which have lower FedEx share
The other effective tool for FedEx would be corporate governance. FedEx Corporation has a board of directors that protects the rights of all the stakeholders and ensures transparency in all financial affairs of the company. Shareholders should have trust in the financial strength and operations. Corporate governance is a tool to ensure their trust and the ability of the company to keep all interests in line with the organizational growth plan for the company. Measuring standards and tools are applied for effective management and resulting in growth and performance of the organization through evaluation and control.

Part 2
Balanced Scorecard Aspect of Company Performance | Factors to be Considered | Organizational Goal | Actual Performance | Gaps | Financial | Quarterly Profit Results
Return on Capital Employed | $5,000
$4,000 | $6,000
$1,500 | Quarterly profits were higher 20% Return on Capital was 62.5% lower than the standard. | Customer | Customer Satisfaction Rate
Customer Recommendation

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