Planning A Teaching And Learning Session Essay

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Planning a teaching and learning session requires a thorough understanding of the complex, 3-way relationships that exist between the teacher, the curriculum and the students. This will enable the creation of a lesson that best meets the needs of all the learners in a class.

The Curriculum:

In order for a curriculum to be suitable for a particular group of students, the teacher must interpret the formal curriculum document and have a complete understanding of the requirements, expectations, learner outcomes, scope of content knowledge and skills that learners need to acquire. Of course this requires that the teacher is not only fully competent in terms of content knowledge but understands the underlying philosophy of the given curriculum document, has the pedagogical background to create activities that will enable students to achieve the learning outcomes and is familiar with the various types and purposes of different assessment instruments. This is especially the case where a very new type of teaching style is being introduced and is reflected in a new curriculum. An example of this is the Next Generation Science Standards document NGSS for science in the US (NGSS, 2014). This curriculum follows quite a new approach to science teaching and introduces terms such as Disciplinary Core Ideas and Cross Cutting Relationships. Without a teacher understanding what these terms refer to, it would be very difficult to interpret this new document.

Once the document has…

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