Plagiarism In Educating Rita

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Bain’s reaction to the movie Educating Rita would have been positive because it demonstrates some of his points made in his book. One point Bain made was about stereotypes and how people can either believe that they are that stereotype or know that they are more than just a judgmental title put on them from others. In the beginning of the movie, Rita is already trying to change herself because her real name is Susan. Also, when she curses she says that educated people do not care, but when they are said around the masses, it makes a fuss. When Rita Professor Frank Bryant invited her to a party, she initially was going to go, but changed her mind because she thought she would not fit in with the rich, smart and higher up people at the party. …show more content…
Plagiarism is an important concept because it is an act of cheating and considered a form of theft. Even working in a group setting and collaborating or helping someone or getting help from someone can become plagiarism. Society has an honor system and the breakdown of it leaves people fearful of their work being stolen, mistrustful of working with others because that person could claim the others work and/or ideas as theirs and vulnerable. The tools of copy and paste is so easy anyone can do it to falsify resumes or transcripts resulting in an individual qualifying for a position they are not worthy of. That person is stealing a position from someone that is qualified and probably worked hard to get to where they were in life. Plagiarism is highly wrong and bad, it is stealing someone’s intellectual property. An example of how plagiarism is a horrible thing to do is Adam Wheeler who is discussed in the book Conning Harvard. He is in prison and has to pay back the $45,000 in scholarships he falsely claimed from his immoral act. He was charged of identity fraud, larceny and other things. He plagiarized his SAT scores and transcripts to get into Harvard. Before that, he plagiarized to get into Bowdoin College. In reality, he was an average student from a normal school. He stretched his plagiarizing and lying skills too far. For the amount of work he spent on plagiarizing, he could have done actual honest

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