Juxtaposition In Educating Rita

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Educating Rita

“Transitions into new phases of life can affect perceptions of individuals and society”
“Educating Rita” a play by Willy Russell composer and play write explores how transitions are revealed through the change of perceptions of individuals and society through the two protagonists Frank and Rita. In conjunction with “Then and Now” a poem by Aboriginal activist and poet Oodergeroo Noonuccal, explores the impact of the assimilation policy on aboriginal culture.
Through characterization in the play “Educating Rita” Russell uses Rita to demonstrate the theme and difficulties faced by working class individuals transitioning into new phases of life in English class based society. These transitions can result in new knowledge and ideas, shifts in attitudes and beliefs, and give a deeper understanding of themselves and others. In Act 1 Scene 1 and 2 Russell
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Listing of the artificial city “neon lights now … and advertisements now “and repetition of “now” links with the title and shows the poet’s concern, therefore, hinders the ability to transition into new society as there is no sense of connection between her people and the altered environment leaving the indigenous to feel social, culturally and physically alienated.

“Educating Rita” shows the obstacles of transitioning into a new class and “then and now “reveals effects of forcing a change in aboriginal culture .through personal exploration, Individuals transition into new phases of life and display growth by moving into the new world and discarding the past. Or in contrast venture into new worlds and social contexts to recover and hold on to lost culture from

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