Pinnterest Analysis

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Review Essay: Pinterest
Ben Silberman, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra had a goal of showing a new way for ideas to come to life. Since the launch of the app in 2010, Pinterest alone has over 150 million users, and the numbers are still growing on a daily basis (Silbermann, B., Sharp, E., & Sciarra, P., 2010). 70 million are in the U.S., and the other 80 million comes from all over the world (Silbermann, B., Sharp, E., & Sciarra, P., 2010). Pinterest is known as one of the most common online shopping apps out in the world because its objectivity, currency, and its resources.
The owners for Pinterest wanted to make sure there was a clear picture on what the objectivity for the app is. The motto for Pinterest is “It all starts with a great idea” (Silbermann, B., Sharp, E., & Sciarra, P., 2010). The app is meant to share the unique ideas its
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A group that could be used as an example for this would college students themselves. With the app, many college students feel as if they can trust Pinterest to help express who they are through their “pins” and what they buy (Why Do College Students Use Pinterest? A Model and Implications for Scholars and Marketers, 2015). Many of them us the app to look for ideas or different items they can use for their dorm room or school in general. Since most college students do not obtain a lot of money, many of them are looking for the cheapest way to pay for supplies or furniture. Pinterest supplies many different categories for its users, one being a category set aside for college students. Because of this, it is able to provide websites for the item or a column, the users can click on, in order to buy the item. Therefore, supplying the resources needed for college students and supplying the ideas needed for a college student alone. Not only is Pinterest an online shopping app, but it is also a blog for people to post different things such as: recipes, hairstyles, makeup hacks,

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