Pineh Gage Paper

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Phineas Gage Wilson
PSY 360 10/15/14
Robert Goodnight

Phinea's Gage Paper

From past to present the study of psychology has lead researcher's to uncover scientifically based studies about human brain power that can manipulate numerous functions related to cognition. The human brain is responsible for memory, perception, learning, and emotions that contribute to how information is gathered; in addition, environmental factors can determine how information is recorded and utilized. The brain is a huge operating system of which human cognitive skills and abilities depend on proper brain functioning that regulate particular biological processes.

Cerebral Cortex

The Cerebral Cortex is a
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Within the brain neurotransmitters release chemicals like dopamine, GABA and serotonin. During stimulation these particular cells are released within the brain. As a result, dopamine's, serotonin can increase and decrease depending upon the level of which stimuli senses and GABA balance the processing of neurotransmitters. When this process happens neurotransmitters control the ability of which humans learn, focus, concentrate and present emotional states. Moreover, it is important to understand that brain damage and particular diseases have the ability to impair a person’s cognitive functions. The lack or excess of one or more neurotransmitters can cause problems with the human ability to concentrate; where as too little neurotransmitters can impair human judgment and capacity to reason and affect the short and long-term memory process. Unfortunately, injuries to particular regions of the brain alter human personality in both positive and negative manners.
Phinea's Brain Damage Phinea's Gage was perhaps one of the most famous cases of injury to the brain. Gage encountered extreme and severe damage to the frontal lobe of the brain and the damage subsequently caused major changes to his personality. Prior to Gage’s terrible accident his colleagues respected and admired him for his extraordinary work and personality; he was best described as a friendly, efficient and skillful person. Unfortunately,

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