Piaget in the Toddler Classroom Essay

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Piaget in the Toddler Classroom
Jessica Moshier
ECE332: Child Development
Dr. Jessica Alvarado
February 18, 2013

Piaget in the Toddler Classroom
There are a lot of things to consider when designing the layout of a toddler classroom. It is very important to create an environment that is geared toward the proper developmental stage in order for young children to get the most out their classroom. Children in the preoperational stage (2 yrs. – 7 yrs.) need a wide variety of hands-on activities to promote development. Using Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive development to design a classroom will give toddlers a wide range of activities to gain a strong foundation for learning.
Jean Piaget
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This activity promotes socialization, hand eye coordination, and letter, number and color recognition.
After the daily lessons the students will be divided into their center groups and assigned a center to start in. Of course the teacher and aides will help them find their way to the centers. There are several centers in the toddler classroom, which is good since young children in this age group tend to have short attention spans. Centers will last a half an hour and there will be 2 centers each day. Every day the set of centers will change so that each child gets to spend in each one throughout the week, but they do not become bored with them.
For physical activity, which promotes learning by releasing a protein called Abrineurin or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) (CBS, 2009), I have placed a large loft and climbing mats inside the classroom. The children will be able to climb and jump on this equipment. I have also created a large outdoor play area with swings and a hopscotch court, and a large circle painted on the ground that has multiple uses such as duck-duck goose or the parachute game. Weather permitting the outdoor play ground will be used daily to promote fitness and learning.
The playground will also be a helpful tool in accessing social skills. During free play I can take note of the children who are engaging in social, solo,

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