Physioex Exercise 7 Essay

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ACTIVITY 1: Measuring Respiratory Volumes and Calculating Capacities | Answers | 1. Which of the following processes does not occur during inspiration? a. The diaphragm moves to a flattened position. b. Gas pressure inside the lungs is lowered. c. Inspiratory muscles relax. d. The size of the thoracic cavity increases. | C-Inspiratory muscles relax. | 1. During normal quiet breathing, about ______ ml of air moves into and out of the lungs with each breath. a. 300 b. 500 c. 1000 d. 1500 | B-500 | 1. True or False: At the beginning of expiration, the air pressure of the atmosphere decreases so that air can flow from the lungs outward. | TRUE |
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Why did these values change as they did? | TV, ERV, IRV, RV, FVC, FEV1 (ml), & FEV1 (%) changed.The values changed the way they did because during an acute asthma attack, airway resistance is significantly increased by 1) thick mucus secretions and 2) airway smooth muscle spasms. | 1. How is having an acute asthma attack similar to having emphysema? How is it different? | Having an acute asthma attack is similar to having emphysema in that the airways collapse and pinch closed before a forced expiration is completed. They are different in that the volumes and peak flow rates are significantly reduced during an asthma attack, unlike with emphysema; the elastic recoil is not diminished in an acute asthma attack. | 1. Describe the effect that the inhaler medication had on the asthmatic patient. Did all the spirogram values return to “normal”? Why do you think some values did not return all the way to normal? | The inhaler medication relieved the bronchospasms and induced bronchiole dilation. The inhaler also reduces airway resistance. No all of the values did not return normal. The IRV, FVC, FEV1 (ml), and FEV1 (%) returned to near normal levels. Some of the values did not return all the way to normal because there is still remaining mucus and residual inflammation. | 1. How much of an increase in FEV1 % do you think is required for it

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