Physical Therapy : A Physical Therapist Essay

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Physical Therapy one of the biggest and most rewarding fields in health care today. There are plenty of opportunities for Physical Therapists help everyday people to overcome pain, restore mobility, and lead independent lives. As a Physical Therapist you can with people of all ages and backgrounds. Who are suffering from temporary or long term pain and disability’s caused by injury or disease.
By becoming a physical therapist, you work closely with numerous personalities and qualities. Now I will tell you what is Physical Therapist, how to become a Physical Therapist, starting a career as a Physical Therapist, and the challenges and rewards of becoming a Physical Therapist.

The Origins of Physical Therapy can be found back in ancient times. Around 460 B.C., two Greek physicians came up with ideas for treating patients. Hippocrates suggested the use of massage therapy for pain and discomfort, while Hector introduced the idea of hydrotherapy (the therapeutic use of water) for treatment of patients. Other written evidence from Egypt, China, and Persia suggests that ancient cultures knew the benefits of applying massage, exercise, and movement for the treatment of physical pain (Harasymiw, T. (2011). In the eighteenth century the development of orthopedics and treatments such as systematic joint exercise emerged to treat conditions. Around 1813, the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics was founded by Per Henrik Ling. The institute offered massage and exercise. Other…

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