Essay on Physical Set Up Of The Room

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Physical set up of the room The room was divided into different clusters for different types of social and cognitive interactions to be encouraged. For instance, there was a block area, a coloring station, a reading area, and a snack area. Each of these places promote different types of social and cognitive interactions such as cause and effect reasoning with other kids, classification, and how to be a friend. I feel that separating out these areas like they did helps encourage all types of social and cognitive interactions between the preschoolers. I feel that doing it this way is the best way because then the preschooler is exposed to all different types of situations and would not be lacking in an area that might have been left out. In the Trinity Montessori the classrooms had 3 adults in the room at one time. One of those adults is the head teacher while the others are helpers. The adults walked around the room helping all the kids as much as they can with whatever drew their attention. There were about twenty kids in the classroom, but having three adults in the room creates about a 1:7 teachers to student ratio. This is considered a low ratio and is most beneficial to the kids learning. In addition, this low teacher to student ratio is one of the things to consider when looking for a preschool for your son or daughter. I felt that the amount of teachers per student was perfect in the room because the teachers were not overwhelmed with how many kids they had to…

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