Physical Rupture Of Membrane With Pain Essay

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Subjective: Patient V.P., G1, P0, was brought to hospital via personal transportation by her live-in boyfriend on 09/17/2016. Per patient, she was presented to the hospital with pain that was at 6/10 at that time. Per V.P. this is her first baby and she is excited and nervous at the same time. She wanted to deliver at Kaiser Permanente in El Monte, however, the hospital was full.

Objective: 20-year-old Hispanic female was admitted to hospital on 09/17/2016 due to Spontaneous Rupture of Membrane at 9:00am. Patient was experiencing uterine contractions every 3 mins. She is G1, P0. She has no previous medical conditions. Her vitals are within normal range as stated above. Fetus is 40.2 weeks and will be most likely have vaginal delivery.

Admitting Diagnosis: Spontaneous Rupture of Membrane with pain. Spontaneous rupture of membrane is a rupture of the membrane that occurs naturally. Spontaneous rupture of membranes can initiate labor or can occur anytime during labor, most commonly during the transition phase. (Durham & Chapman, 2014)

Respiratory: RR normal, lungs clear with no wheezing and crackles Cardiovascular: Heart sounds normal with regular rhythm. Blood pressure is normal.
GU: Patient voided 200 mL early morning at 6am. Urine consistency is yellow, no foul smell. No bladder distention. Patient well hydrated and well nourished.
GI: Bowel sounds active in all four quadrants. Abdomen is tender with fundus at umbilicus level. No complaints of nausea or vomiting.…

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