Physical Education Should Be Compulsory Essay

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Over the past few years, parents and children have felt that physical education should not be made compulsory in primary schools and lower secondary schools. Majority of the parents believe that students should be able to make their own choices. Since the late 21st century, most governments have implanted a new regulation about physical education to be made compulsory in primary and lower secondary schools due to their concerns for the children 's well being. Whether physical education should be compulsory in schools or not is an ongoing controversy. It has been argued that playing sports at school is truly beneficial for students. In this way, they can start a healthy lifestyle since young. This essay however will argue the opposite point of view. This regulation should be abolished as compulsory physical education in schools is inefficient as the government had thought it would be, in terms of health, discovering talents and shaping character.

Firstly, an important issue in this debate is the issue of health. It has been argued that participating in any kind of sport helps promote health. Most of the physical education teachers claimed that playing sport not only improve children 's physical health but also their mental health. However, according to the National Centre for Sports Safety, "over 3 million children under the age of 14 incur some type of injury as a result of sports" Westminster (n.d). Moreover, majority of the parents think that only one or two physical…

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