Physical Development Observation

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Physical Development
I had observed Ayden’s physical development as well as his physical appearance. His physical appearance is that he weighs around 37 pounds and he is 3 feet tall. I had watch Ayden for a minimum of three hours. When I wanted to focus on Ayden physical development my first example was to do some arts in crafts with him. I got construction paper and some crayons to see if Ayden can draw straight lines. I had placed the crayons on the table for Ayden to use. He picks up a blue crayon and began to scribble instead of draw a straight line. Even though Ayden could not draw in a straight line he could still hold the crayon in his hand which is a result of using fine motor skill. My second example is
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Ayden walked behind the couch and pointed at the monster truck. This was related to Piaget’s sensorimotor stage 6 “Beginnings of Thought”. (Feldman, 2014). The reason why it was related to Piaget’s stage 6 because, he did not see the monster truck since it was out of his sight but he knew where it could be. The second example is when me and Ayden was looking at a picture book and I had pointed to the object in the picture and asked Ayden what was the object which was a dog. Ayden would reply correctly saying dog as he pointed to his really puppy, this is resembled to preoperational stage of “Piaget’s Stage of Preoperational Thinking”. (Feldman,2014). The reason why it resembled the preoperational stage is because Ayden understood that the dog in the picture was a representative to his real puppy. The third example was when Ayden wanted to move his old bouncer around he would grab my hand and put it on to the bouncer for me to help him move the bouncer. When I begin to move the bouncer he would act like he was doing all the work, but when I would stop he would still continue but then realized that it was no longer moving he when then look back at me and grab my hand to continue helping him move the bouncer. This is related to Vygotsky zone of proximal development (Feldman,2014). The reason why this is related …show more content…
This resembled of instrumental aggression. The reason why it is a, resemble of instrumental aggression because Ayden showed aggression when I was playing with one of his toys as he would snatch it out of my hand so he could play with it. The second example as I stated in physical development as an example of gross motor skill was when I took away Ayden’s toy he punched in kick me which resembled to the social learning approaches to aggression. The reason why it resembled social learning approaches to aggression is because Ayden got aggressive when I took away the toy he took away from me which resulted in Ayden kicking and punching me. When, it was time for Ayden to pick up his toys. I had told him to help me put his toy away into the toy box and when he put his first toy in the box I had clap and said “good job Ayden”. Ayden then smiled and clap his hands and when he put his second toy in the box he look at me for another praise and when I did it again he smiled and he clap his hands and said “yay”. Then when I put the toy inside the toy box Ayden clap his hands and said “yay”. This is an resemble of prosocial behavior because Ayden received positive behavior and he continue helping me put his toys

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