Essay on Physical Aspects Of Martial Arts

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In addition to the physical aspects of any martial arts, i.e. combat and self-defense, their spiritual aspects such as meditative practice and healing dimensions are fundamental. The nature and importance of “internal energy” (qi, ki, prana) has been among the many topics,* discussed by serious practitioners. However, the emphasis on the mystical transformation (altering an individual’s customary [what does this word mean here?] experience and self-awareness in the world) associated with the repetitive physical activity through involvement in these meditative-spiritual practices has been missing. Much information concerning the principles and practices of various traditional martial arts was veiled in secrecy, known only in small circles of initiates, and passed along through oral traditions. In some traditions, physical movements,* may be documented in the classical literature only (Maliszewski 25). Many teachers will only reveal practical and spiritual dimensions of their traditions to students committed to study for many year periods, arguing that such teachings could only be understood by direct participation and dedicated practice in the discipline. Depending upon a particular tradition, such experiences can be theistic or non-theistic, group or individual, active or passive, transitory or enduring, intense or mild, expected or spontaneous, novel or recurring, traditional or non-traditional.[too wordy] These may also be viewed as revelations, insights, mystical,…

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