Physical and Chemical Properties Lab Essay

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Section 1: Title
Physical and Chemical Properties
Section 2: Purpose
This labs is intended to help me investigate chemical and physical properties of pure substances.

Section 3: Procedure
In this experiment, I observed substances in their natural state, and recorded their apparent physical properties. I then tested the substances to determine how they react when their natural environments were altered. The pure substances were tested to see how they reacted with added Hydrochloric Acid, Dilute NaOH, heat, cold and hot water. I also was to determine if the substances were acidic or basic after being heated in water, by using litmus paper.

Section 4: Data Tables
|Solubility or
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What evidence did you use to decide that something was a chemical change?

A chemical change is evident when the substance has been altered and can not return to its pure form.

Give at least two examples of chemical changes that you observed.

The copper beads turning black and the Copper (II) carbonate turning black are examples of chemical changes that occurred. The copper (II) nitrate turned yellow when mixed with HCl.

Classify the following properties of sodium metal as physical or chemical:
Silver Metallic color: Physical
Turns gray in air: physical
Melts at 98 deg C: physical
Reacts explosively with chlorine gas: chemical

Classify the following changes as physical or chemical:
Water freezes at 0 deg C: physical
Baking soda when combined with vinegar produces bubbles: chemical
Mothballs gradually disappear at room temperature: physical
Ice Cubes in a freezer get smaller with time: physical
Baking soda loses mass as it is heated: physical
Tarnishing of silver: chemical

How would you show that dissolving table salt is a physical change?

You could show that dissolving table salt is a physical change by allowing the liquid that the salt is dissolved in to evaporate, and the salt crystals should still remain after the evaporation is complete.

Section 7: Conclusions

In this experiment, I learned that different pure substances can behave very

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