Photovoltaic Energy In Los Angeles, California

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A perfect world consists of different things to each individual, but overall, mankind can agree, the in a perfect world, the population would utilize natural resources to create energy. These sources would work well in Los Angeles because they have a positive environmental impact and they counterbalance each others energy efficiency.
The ideal, location for bacterial and photovoltaic energy is Los Angeles, California. Conditions for these two energy sources consist of large amounts of the sun and excessive amounts of waste, whether sewage or food. Photovoltaic energy works with solar power, so having continuous sun throughout the year, allows for it to function best. As well, bacterial energy needs waste in large proportions, and with Los Angeles’s enormous population, energy can be created easier. The benefits of putting bacterial and photovoltaic energy are that it keeps the environment clean. By using these two energy sources, the population of Los Angeles, California, is helping the environment because one would be using natural resources. In this specific case, the two natural resources are the sun and bacteria. As well, both of these energy sources do not release
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As well, bacterial energy may be opposed because of the energy ennifency. Though bacterial energy seems like it would take up much space, in a city such as Los Angeles, which is high populated, fields for more agriculture won’t be needed. Waste from the city will be sufficient enough to power a bacterial energy plant because of the waste from all the citizens will be plentiful and in abundance to keep the plant functioning. The high population also will contribute to bacterial energy’s efficiency because the more waste that feeds into the plant, the higher the efficiency. Since Los Angeles, California is a populated city, there will be enough resources to create sustainable energy in mass

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