Essay on Phonetics : Study And Identification Of Speech Sounds

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Phonetics is the study and identification of speech sounds. The phonetic alphabet is not the same as the English alphabet, although there are many of the same characters. In the phonetic alphabet, there are 14 vowels sounds and 24 consonant phonemes. When speech-language pathologists use the phonetic alphabet for transcriptions with their clients, they are able to use the transcriptions to plan therapy lessons according to their speech and language disorders.
Without the use of the phonetics, speech-language pathologists would have a difficult time keeping track of how their client is speaking. It would simply not be efficient to use the English alphabet as it only has 26 letters. As stated above, the phonetic alphabet consists of a total of 38 sounds which allows for a narrower transcription. The use of the phonetic alphabet allows clinicians to narrow down whether a client has a phonological or articulation disorder by seeing what is wrong with their speech.
The phonetic alphabet is not only beneficial in showing what sounds are used, but the placement of the sound and the voicing. Knowing this about each sound made allows for a clinician to plan an accurate and beneficial lesson plan for the therapy session. It is especially important for speech-language pathology students to learn the phonetic alphabet early on, as it requires practice and constant use to be able to use the alphabet in a conventional manner without having to stop and think about each sound.

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