Philosophy Of Working Within Partnership Within Health And Social Care

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Philosophy of working in partnership
What is partnership?
Partnership is when two or more organisations work together, showing cooperation and collaboration. This can provide better care and support for service users. For example, different funds working together, instead of working individually and stressing. Another example, a social worker and the health visitor will need to work together, share ideas and use different skills to develop a support plan that will benefit children and families. This also promotes multi-disciplinary working. Partnership thus can reduce conflicts and enhance team working skills as professionals can work together, sharing responsibilities and ensuring need led approaches are met and set. This can be done by reviewing care plans and offering support.

What is philosophy?
A theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour. (, 2016)
Philosophies of partnership
1. Empowerment
Empowerment is when individuals are given greater control over decisions and actions that will affect their health. Empowerment is important when working in partnership within health and social care settings, as it can allow honest relationships to develop between service users and professionals. Hence without empowerment, partnership working is not effective or successful. For instance, if service users are unable to make their own decisions it can cause conflicts, as service users may feel that they are not being listened to. This can…

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