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Philosophy of psychology
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Philosophy of psychology
Question 1 Confucius was optimistic about human accomplishments. He was convinced that people have access to heaven 's morality. Confucius believed that every person is a potential sage who acts with extreme benevolence. This statement means that anyone can cultivate virtue and to harmonize with the decree of heaven. He, however, knew that the human potential to become sages did not mean that this was a common occurrence. Most people exist in a dreadful state. It was clear that Confucius believed that in certain areas, human beings exercise some degree of will. People had no control over their destiny social status but had the will to make moral decisions and proper conduct. People are able to conform or resist the decree of heaven. Confucius stressed that although people had no choice in the circumstance they lived, they had a choice in how they live in any given situation. Confucius also insisted that all people fundamentally the same. Their difference was a result of their different ways of being. It means that people diverge as a result of their repeated practice. People, according to Confucius, are extremely malleable, they can become almost anything. Confucius seems to suggest that the environment much determines our character. Therefore, he implies that human beings without a carefully crafted the ideal moral figure for Confucius are the ‘gentleman’ (Chun-Tzu).…

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