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Why I Teach Teaching is undoubtedly one of the most important jobs in the world to have, and undeniably is a job that requires its own purpose statement and philosophy. For me, my purpose in teaching is to build confidence, security, and successful outcomes in the learning experience of all students that I encounter. Additionally, there are several philosophies I feel fit my teaching personality in the classroom. Ornstein & Hunkins 2013 state, “To a large extent, our philosophy of education determines our educational decisions, choices, and alternatives” (p. 28). First and foremost, I undoubtedly follow a humanistic methodology when interacting with my students. I believe students should feel cared for and important to the learning process. …show more content…
For instance, I believe students are more actively involved in the learning process when they feel there is a purpose or is appealing. This is why many of the learning activities I produce comprise choice and student input. Ornstein & Hunkins 2013 seem to agree with this statement when they claim, “Students involved to some degree in creating their curriculum are motivated to learn that explicit content and also learn implicitly that their options and choices matter” (p. 208). In my opinion, technology plays a huge role in student interest. With 21st century workplace skill requiring much technology, I feel it is important to teach those skills with projects that permit choice and individual interests of my …show more content…
Additionally, our district has recently adopted new text books in math and English that align with Common Core State Standards. Therefore, I use state standards to scaffold my direction of teaching, while adding my personal touch in the activities I plan and delivery of each lesson. Regardless of what standards I teach, I am firm in my beliefs that students must feel good about themselves and confident in their abilities, no matter what hindrances they have. “Frustrated or upset students learn very little; they resist, withdraw, or act out their problems. Students’ needs must be satisfied” (Ornstein & Hunkins, 2013, p. 120). In my classroom, I not only regard teaching state standards a must, but ultimately, I feel preparing my students to take on challenges they encounter with a positive attitude is an invaluable attribute to leave the classroom

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