Philosophy And Philosophy Of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education What is education? What does it mean to be an educator? What is the point of it? These are questions that seem so simple, yet if one were to ask their neighbors, they would receive a great number of different answers. In the English language, we derive the word educate from the Latin word “ducere”, to lead. This is what I believe to lay at the core to answering these questions. As educators, I believe it our duty to lead students to understanding themselves, their future, and their place in that future, wherever that may be. Where do foreign languages fit into this? It is my profound belief, that through language, we are able to open up so many possibilities for ourselves and those around us. I have chosen German as my second language, but there are so many left to learn, and to teach. For the students who see so little of the world, learning a new language and culture has a way to bring an expansion of awareness that they would never have otherwise. It opens up the world and adds an entire new dimension to learning. Theoretical knowledge and history are no longer just words on a page, they become something palpable that a student can experience. But it goes even beyond this. Scientists have found that learning a new language assists in developing new neural pathways and strengthening existing ones. Not only does it feel like the world is expanding, but when a student studies a new language, their minds are quite literally expanding. Language…

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