Philippine History of Jose Rizal Essay

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A Filipino Critique of Spanish Colonialism
The Spanish rule in the Philippines lasted for nearly 300 years during which time held the native population to a caste system where they had different rights than the Spanish colonist. The Spanish colonizers brought with their new government the Roman Catholic Church which was supported heavily by Spain. The conversion of the native people to Catholicism did not meet much resistance, and appealed to most of the population which lacked an organized religion. The result was a colony that did not ask questions until the Ilustrado’s (Philippine elite) traveled and studied in Europe, where they were exposed to liberal and nationalist ideals by learning of the French and American revolutions. The
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The underlying theme through the book is an attempt to make aware to other Philippine people to want a better life for themselves, children, and country. The message for equality is evident in the book along with inspiration for reform and movement of nationalism. After Noli he wrote a sequel that further emphasized the movement for reform and nationalism for his people. One of Rizal’s first critics was his best friend; a German professor by the name Ferdinand Blumentritt who warned Rizal that he could be prosecuted for sedition and for instigating revolutionaries. He also warned he could be imprisoned and put on trial. Both of the Novels were banned in the Philippines due to their view on the Spanish Clergy and of the government. Subsequently he was imprisoned at Fort Santiago on November of 1986 and executed. On the eve of his execution he wrote “Ultimo Adios” in which he spoke of his love for his country and countrymen. During the time that Jose Rizal had been writing about reform with the Spanish he established a progressive organization named La Liga Filipinia. The leagues aims were to peacefully through reforms change the government to better suite Philippians. Although it had a peaceful intent the government did not see it the same way and four days after its creation Rizal was arrested and sent to Manila the following day. After the arrest of Rizal the league became dormant and eventually became two separate

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