Essay on Pharmacy Is The Science Of Dealing With Drugs

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Everyone has a dream, but not everyone has the determination to make that dream a reality. To become a pharmacist it takes hard work and dedication. People want to become successful but don’t want to do the work it takes; they want everything handed on a platter. When choosing this career field, one must look at and plan the process they must take and obstacles that could be in there way.
To begin, learning what pharmacy is and what pharmacists do is the most important part of choosing this career. There could be something you do not like about it and to succeed in a career you have to have the passion for it. According to Britannica Encyclopedia Concise, pharmacy is the science of dealing with drugs. Pharmacists prepare and distribute prescribed medications. Like making a cake from scratch, they mix and measure drugs from raw materials. They must make sure to put the correct dosage to make the product safe for use. Pharmacist also council patients on using prescribed medication rather than over the counter drugs because it could be harmful to their body; everyone react to a product differently.
There are laws that should be followed when dealing with these drugs. The laws summarize the cleanliness and dosages of medicinal products. A pharmacist job is basically to help improve patient’s health. Jobs are available in various places such as: hospitals, clinics, drug stores, universities, federal government, etc. Pharmacy is ranked one of the best jobs in the US. According…

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