Ekaterina The Great Analysis

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Not only did the governing models and approaches the monarchs undertook to influence the progressive or reactionary direction of their policy-making, but the European historical context within which they had to rule also played an essential role in nurturing the development of their images. An analysis, conducted without duly taking into consideration the historical and political context, would, in reality, be marked by its purely instrumental nature, hence, it would not manage to grasp the entire complexity of the issue and would lack comprehensiveness. Therefore, it can be argued that the intellectual and cultural context appeared to be one of the main reasons preconditioning the progressive direction in the reign of Peter I and Ekaterina …show more content…
As far as what the developments following the reign of, supposedly, the last one of the “Great” Russian monarchs were and what impeded her successors to thread in the steps of their renowned predecessors, it is clear, in my view, that the subsequent Russian monarchs found it difficult to adapt to the realities of Constitutionalism and the fact that the absolute power did not prove to be relevant anymore, particularly in Europe. Therefore, what was left for Alexander III and Nicholas II was to degenerate and retreat to the Muscovite doctrines justifying the existence of the absolute and omnipotent monarch, while almost patiently awaiting the dissatisfaction of their more progressive and visionary contemporaries to take precedence and erupt, so that the whole autocratic bubble bursts on a par with the Russian monarchy itself. Has actually the autocratic bubble exploded, or despite the Russian empire is no longer officially existent anymore, the autocratic governing model is still present, I believe, is a quite relevant question, which opens up room for further debate. However, in my view, one thing is certain, namely that on the one hand the demarcation between West and East is increasingly exacerbated, and on the other hand that Russia has yet to find the leader who will be willing to critically re-evaluate the different images and the historical

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