Peter Hall ( General Manager Of Northeast Lumber Essay

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Darren Hall (General Manager of Northeast Lumber) started his 8 a.m. daily production meeting like most days. His meeting routine was to have each of his mill superintendents report on what was occurring in his/her respective area of the mill. Only this day was a bit different than any Darren had ever experienced. Wes, the wood yard Superintendent, had just left the meeting. This was not unusual in that frequently one or two Superintendents might leave the meeting for a few minutes to respond via radio to ongoing problems out in the mill. Wes returned with a puzzled look on his face and interrupted the meeting with this statement: "Darren, the consultant we hired to work with our wood yard employees is on the phone. He wants to talk with you right now. In fact, he is insistent that you talk with him. He is telling me that he will not go any further with the seminar that he is teaching unless you drop what you 're doing and go over to the meeting room at the hotel and meet with him and the wood yard employees in his class."
This surely wasn 't the way that Darren normally conducted business, but he left the meeting to talk with the consultant. He tried to imagine just what might be going on to cause the consultant to pull him out of an important meeting. After all, he had come highly recommended to Darren from a friend in another company that was the General Manager of a paper mill similar to Darren 's operation. The consultant has a great deal of experience in the industry.…

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