Essay on Peta Campaign Gone Wrong?

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PETA Campaign Gone Wrong? During the Second World War, the Nazi party, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler tried to kill all the Jews in Europe. The Nazis and their collaborators murdered six million Jewish people, including 1,500,000 children. This terrible period in history is now referred to as the Holocaust. In 2003 PETA launched a campaign called Holocaust on a Plate. In this campaign they compared the slaughter of animals to the horrific holocaust. This campaign is completely wrong. It’s disrespectful to the Jewish community; not showing PETAS normal professionalism and completely changes perspective on PETA as an organization.
Comparing the animals and this horrific event in history is a good idea at all. Abraham Foxman, the U.S. Anti-Defamation League national director and a Holocaust survivor, is one of many members of the American Jewish community who were highly offended by PETA’s campaign. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was actually a strong believer in animal rights. He hated women wearing any type of cosmetics because they were used on animals. Think about that fact. He killed over six million Jewish people and had completely no respect for them. The comparison of the event and these animals is something I don’t agree with at all. The leader of this horrific event treated humans with less respect than animals. With this fact, I argue that this campaign is being used for comparing this event and the animals represented by PETA.
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