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Pet safety is a concern for many families today. Cats, dogs and other animals play an important role in the family dynamic. There are several features available in residential security systems which allow family members to know that in case of an emergency, their pets will be safe. This is especially important when the animals are left home alone all day. Fires, break-ins and natural disasters may make the home unsafe. A home video surveillance and security system can help owners look out for their pets' well-being, as well as the rest of the family's.

Remote Video

When people have remote video systems in their homes, they can watch pets or other family members from their Smartphone or office computer. A touchscreen enables homeowners to
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For example, if the carbon monoxide levels in the home become too high, an alarm will sound, letting the homeowners know of the danger. Other options for comfort, safety and notification include glass breaks, mass notification, health monitoring and temperature controls.

Entry and Access

In the event of a break-in while no one is there, an intruder may take items, create damage and possibly hurt any animals on the premises. A swift exit will also mean that the doors or windows may be left open. The pets may leave as well, either chasing the intruder or simply wandering away unattended. Having restricted entry will let the homeowners know that there has been a break-in and video cameras will let them know when and if the intruder has left and whether the family's cats and dogs are all right or running free.

One of the most important reasons that people install residential security systems is to make sure that their property and family are safe from emergencies and dangers. This includes the inside and outside of the premises, as well as parents, children and pets. Using the many options available homes and families can rest more easily at night and during the day, especially when no one is home.

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