Peru 's Agricultural Export Opportunities Essay

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Peru’s Agricultural Export Opportunities in the US Market
Singapore Introduction Singapore, also referred to as the Republic of Singapore is one of the top-ranked island countries in Southeast Asia. The main territory of Singapore includes a main island that is diamond-shaped as well as over 60 smaller islets (Singapore, 2010). Singapore is an agile and high potential location for financial hubs, global commerce, and transportation hubs. According to the World Bank, Singapore is considered as the most transitive location to establish a business and conduct business interactions. Singapore is also the third biggest center for foreign exchange as well as the fourth biggest financial center. It also ranks third as a trading and oil-refining center (Singapore, 2010). Furthermore, the nation is famous for its incorrupt, effective, and pragmatic governance; in fact, it has the most integral leadership rating in the world, which means that the citizens are very confident in the leadership of the country.
Climate The climate of Singapore is tropical rainforest hence it does not have distinctive seasons; high humidity, balanced air pressure ranges, favorable temperatures as well as abundant rainfall. The temperature in Singapore varies from 22 to 36 degrees Celsius (Ho, 2013). The relative humidity averages to 79 percent when its morning and 74 percent when it is afternoon.
The temperature ranges on a diurnal scale, with a minimum of about 23 degrees Celsius.…

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