Workplace Violence Doesn T Matter Research Paper

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Workplace Violence Doesn’t Matter. Should I be starting a movement. Will I have to fight all walks of life who’d claim I am trying to shift a movement in my favor to get a message across? Will I have to cut myself to double check the color of my blood is the same as yours? Or will my managers scold me publicly, and privately want to tie me up to a pickup, and drag me down the road. [a] I no longer understand where I am living. I went from “Land of the free”, “Dreams come true” to: “Agree with me or die!”

In America, we have moved into a “Tweet first - ask questions later” form of society where any narrative you could imagine, is easy to spin. This is not a far cry from where our justice system sometimes delves into. You know, where “some” police tend to “shoot first - ask questions later.” Sadly this country, and our society has been spiraling out of control, and we lie to ourselves daily about how dangerous things have become here in the United States. Not only in society, but at the fact, that this violence is slowly trickling into the workplace.

So Colin Kaepernick takes a knee to the anthem, more power to him, I neither agree nor disagree with him. If his belief is to protest in this fashion, who the hell am I to criticize him? “Down with Colin Kaepernick.” In philosophy there is a quote I once heard that
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In looking at their profile, you see that even though you don’t agree with this person’s beliefs, you see hate filled images. Your perception of this person changes, your collaboration, and interest with this person changes. Your organization is negatively impacted. Is this what society has become? A cesspool of “punch him in the face because I disagree with him.” Ask yourself honestly, are you to blame for some of this. Do your words convey angst, anger, hatred, or rage? You can lie to anyone but not

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