Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

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Jordan Gilbert
Why Dogs are Superior Pets to Cats

Opening Statement: Hello, I’m Jordan Gilbert, and I truly believe that dogs are the superior pet to cats. I’d like to know what you all think after this fur-ocious debate between my worthy opponent, Savannah, and I.

Meet My Dogs: I’d like to let you all know a little more about my connection with dogs. My family and I have taken care of many dogs between raising numerous litters, having our own dogs, and keeping other people’s. I currently have four inside dogs. Sara is one of the first dogs I’ve ever had! I got her when I was around five years old, and she’s about thirteen now. She’s a feist and the silliest dog. As a puppy, she was an inside dog , but she enjoyed being outside so much more.
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To clarify, I have been around cats throughout my life. I had my very own cat for a while, but I did not enjoy it at all! My rival for today likes to claim that I am biased because I am allergic to cats. However, I still hold my previous and foretold claims against cats. On the personal side, dogs vary in shapes and sizes to fit each owners’ unique personalities. Whereas, cats- aside from their coats- are all very similar. Also, dogs are much more adaptable to change and are happy- no matter the people or place- as long as they get lots of love. Plus, dogs travel more easily. You don’t have to fight them to go anywhere, and they’ll ride along next to you. In addition, dogs can be trained to do so many thing from little tricks to everyday jobs. With training, dogs are less destructive and learn to obey their owners. What cat listens to the word “no”? Through obedience, dogs have greater potential than cats and are much more helpful and useful animals. Dogs work on farms and as service dogs for the blind, handicapped, police, and military! They can smell out metals in certain weapons, gun powder, drugs, bombs, and even cancer! Dogs can tell if someone is about to have a seizure or an allergic reaction. They are also being taught to use technology to contact 911 and to take selfies. These selfless pets are even saving endangered species by tracking animals, such as killer whales, so scientists can study them. However, some of the priceless pooches are settled into classrooms rather than out in the field. I would like to talk specifically about a therapy dog named Pepper. Pepper helps kids who struggle with reading out loud or to others develop better reading skills. There’s a video you can find online about it, and I definitely suggest watching ity. Basically, the dog sits with a child, and he or she reads to her. This way, there’s no one to criticize,

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