Essay on Persuasive Speech : The Lunch Lady

1360 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
Usually in movies, the lunch lady is portrayed as a gross looking person with a hairnet with a big nasty mole on her face that scoops up a pile of slop and dumps it on a student’s tray. Well, this is what students see today with their school lunches. Yes, the students are exaggerating a bit because it is not slop or a gross lunch lady, but the new supposedly healthier school lunches are not appetizing, tasty, or helping child obesity. What is the point of making this new transition to healthier lunches if the children are not going to eat them? Some students will not eat this food because it does not taste good or look appetizing. Students also have other lunch options, for example, they can bring a lunch from home, get something from the vending machines, or starve till they get home and have the freedom to eat whatever they please. The new so called healthier lunches in schools are not effective in stopping child obesity because the lunches are not made from scratch or fresh, children can still eat whatever they want outside of school, and the food portions are too small. Fresh, new, healthier school lunches are not actually fresh or made from scratch. When preparing meals for students, most of the food that the lunch ladies use are prepackaged ingredients. The prepackaged food that schools use do not taste good let alone look appetizing. Students are not required to eat lunches at schools, at least not in high school. Some students will not eat these new school lunches;…

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