Essay Persuasive Speech : Energy Drinks

956 Words Sep 11th, 2014 4 Pages
After a long and a frustrating day at school, you still have soccer practice to go to. What do you do? Oh wait, a can of RedBull should get me through the practice. But how good of a decision is this? It is a fact that energy drinks do give energy, but is it good for the human body? Energy drinks come in a tall cans with many different colors and a catchy slogans that grabs many teenagers attention. We see them all over the place like commercials, billboards, radio and even school cafeterias. They are known for helping you stay awake, give you an energy even on your worst day and even boost your mood. Energy drinks use many different substances in order keep their drinks effective in the body. They even have ingredients that are not mentioned on the label. I have seen many people drink energy drinks but most of the time I come across with a younger teenagers usually the ages from eleven through 16 who has a can of Redbull or Monster on their hand. These drinks are not safe to younger generation, because their body is still in the developmental process and haven’t fully developed yet. The dependency can be met in a different way, an individual doesnt necessarily need an energy drink to get through the practice. There are many healthy drinks out there such as V8 juice, Naked fruit smoothies and Vitamin Waters that are rich in vitamins and sugar that will meet your needs. Also these healthy drinks are very beneficial to human body because it consists of natural sugar, vitamins…

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