Persuasive Speech: Endangered Animals

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Endangered animals are one of those things that unfortunately, most people overlook. I mean, yes you see them on TV commercials and yes people do try to help, but not as much as it’s needed. Every day animals are getting closer and closer to endangerment due to loss of habitat and poachers, things we can help prevent. Other things causing species into endangerment include diminished food supply, overexploitation, pollution and introduction of alien species, and agricultural changes brought on by deforestation and urbanization. While there is a good bit of things being done to prevent species from going extinct, I feel like there is much more that can be done.
Before I begin, I would like to explain to you what makes an animal endangered,
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Sound waves from sonar devices, ships, and oil rigs can travel for miles, disrupting migration, communication, and reproduction patterns of marine life. These noises are sometimes so loud that they cause devastating effects to marine life.
Air pollutants occur when water in our atmosphere mixes with certain chemicals such as burning fossil fuels, acidic compounds are formed resulting in acid rain. This has been linked to many serious effects on ecosystems. Toxic amounts of aluminum are discharged into the water altering its PH levels and effecting everything from animals to plant life.
Plastic is another source of pollutants. Each year, tons of plastic is thrown into our streets and washing into waterways and ending up in animal habitats. Decomposing plastic breaks up into trillions of pieces and is consumed by animals resulting in death. Other animals can become trapped in openings resulting in deformities and deadly
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One of the only two species of monk seals left on earth. It has a population of less than 1,000 due to human encroachment, low levels of genetic variation, entanglement in fishing nets, debris and disease, and commercial hunting for its skins. Poachers savagely slaughter the young for their pelts to use for fur trade.
Sadly being under the endangerment list for quite some time now, is the Mountain Gorilla of east­central Africa. This large, powerful creature, is also a gentle and affectionate vegetarian. It is estimated that only 600, living in 2 populations of about 300 each, are living today in the high­elevation rain forest and are endangered due to habitat loss, poaching and war due to political unrest.
The Island Fox, also on the endangered list, is a is a small fox that is native to Channel Islands of California. Because the island fox is geographically isolated, it has no immunity to diseases and parasites brought in from the mainland and is vulnerable to those that the the domestic dog carries. The Golden Eagle, the primary cause of its mortality, along with human activities, has devastated fox numbers on several of the Channel Islands since the 1990s. Four island fox subspecies are federally protected since 2004, and efforts to rebuild fox populations and restore the ecosystems of the Channel Islands are being

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