Persuasive Speech : Assistive Technology Essay

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Once lessons are designed and spaces are arranged, educators must be prudent in deciding on how to best help the students in their classes who are unable to comprehend instruction easily. There are many ways in which to help students who struggle as learners in the classroom including assistive technology and response to intervention to help reinforce content. It may be necessary if frequent difficulty is met to refer students for special education services and to begin the collaboration within the school on how to best serve the student. It is also important to attempt to serve each student within the classroom with whatever instructional methods and processes that may be most beneficial to that particular student, regardless of eligibility for special education services.
Assistive Technology Assistive technology comes in many diverse packages, but are identified as tools, devices or equipment that helps people accomplish functions or tasks. (Rapp, 2012, p.153) The purpose of this technology is to aid students in overcoming a specific disability or barrier in completing a particular function or task. It is also important to note that the success of the assistive technology is not in the selection of the technology, but rather in correctly matching the technology with the user. For example, an FM amplifier would not be helpful to a student who has a visual impairment.
There are also cost factors to consider as assistive technology does not have to be high tech and…

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