Informative Essay About Diet

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What about diets
Everybody wants that perfect beach body they see in magazines or on television.It seems that people would try anything except the proper way to achieve the dream body.And that thing everybody tries first is dieting no they dont try proper eating, like smaller serving sizes, and exercise. They automatically go online and check what diets should they go on,which diets work the best,do diet pills work, and again which pills should they take.In our society we are pressured to have amazing bodies, male and female, no matter what it takes.But why, why do we put our bodies through so much just to see whether we can get the dream body.
I.What leads someone to start dieting?
The main question we all need to know is, What leads someone to diet? There has to be a specific reason or reasons to start.We don’t wake
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Like tapeworm diet, well the tapeworm diet is a pill with a tapeworm larvae inside and you ingest the pill and when the pill is inside your stomach the tapeworm will do what its naturally supposed to do,take away nutrients from the host,.And also the cotton ball diet is when a person gets a cotton ball, dunks the cotton into vinegar then proceeds to ingest it. Obviously this can cause major problems with the stomach area. Over time the cotton balls will pile up and can cause the person constipation.One of the more crazier ones was ear stapling.Ear stapling is having surgical staples placed in the inner cartilage part of your ear.It supposevly is on one of our pressure points which can decrease

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