Why I Chose To Go Back To School

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I was watching television and I saw a few advertisements for on-line college programs. I heard the success stories in the commercials, and I asked myself, “What is holding you back? “. I knew right away what the answer was. I had no motivation to go back to school and this was holding me back. I decided to stop lamenting about the reasons I didn’t have a better life and I constructed a list of reasons why I needed or wanted to go back to school. The most persuasive reasons on my list are I want a job that 's not just a means to an end I want to motivate others and importantly I want to feel proud of myself again. The first important reason I decided to enroll at SNHU is for my own peace of mind. Ever since, I quit my first semester of college I have regretted it immensely. I made the mistake of taking too many classes and was unable to balance my daily life and school. I was working long hours, required to turn in homework or labs every other day at school, and I spent long unsuccessful nights trying to catch up with all my class work …show more content…
I want to go beyond the title of Administrative Assistant. I want to open a business, work for myself, and have the financial security to pay for more than just my bills. Since I work in a school setting, I see people who are happy with the career they chose, have what they want out of life, and don’t struggle to make ends meet every paycheck. I work hard at what I do but it is very frustrating to be given someone else’s work because they “don’t know how to do it”. I do the work for two other people in two different departments yet twice a month I get paid for the one job I was hired to do. I have settled too long with a job that pays too little for all my hard work and I am tired of being tired. Although I am proud to say, I have come a long way from where I started, being thankful that I have a job is not enough

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