Persuasive Essay

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Fatemah Karim
Ms. Meyer
AP English 11
February 22, 2013
Is it really worth going to college, owing hundreds of dollars in order to get a degree in a profession to become successful and experienced in the real world? Today, as tuition costs increase students are questioning whether college is fit for them or not. For one, college can be really expensive, for example at the University of Minnesota for an undergraduate during the academic year of 2011-2012, the cost for one credit was $448.08 and $5,825 for a total of thirteen or more credits (“Undergraduate tuition”). A high school graduate that does not have a job may not necessarily have money so the only way to pay would be to take out loans and apply for financial aid. So is it not
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Is going to college really one’s choice or is it that one is pressured into having to attend college? Marty Nemko, a Californian career counselor has stated that “too many students are going to college not because they want to but because they think they have to. You must go to college or you’ll be a second class-citizen” (Marklein). Students may be pressured by their parents saying you need to earn a living so you must go to college, peers competing into who get into the best colleges and becomes the most successful and teachers are constantly preparing high school students to get ready for qualifying and applying for college. Low-income families seem to have a higher expectations for their children. Studies released by Deloitte, an international consulting firm, suggest another disconnect: A survey of 400 low-income parents found that 89% say it’s “extremely” or “very important” that their child goes to college (Marklein). In order to succeed and get accepted into society, it is looked on whether you have post-secondary education. When students are pressured to continue on and go to college they feel forced and not interested in achieving a degree in anything.
How are these world-known succeeding leaders that were high school dropouts so successful today? Is it not just as possible to become successful in the workforce without a college degree? Michael Ellsberg, author of “The Education of Millionaires” believes that “the skills of

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