Getting Good Grades Essay

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It has become common today to pay children for getting good grades. In a study conducted by the American Institute of CPAs about 48% of all U.S. parents pay their children for their grades (Khalfani-Cox). Why do you have to bribe your children into getting good grades? You might think it’s just a reward, but don’t you want your kids to get good grades for themselves not just for the money. Your child should want to learn to gain knowledge, not cash. You’re teaching your child that working hard is only good for the money instead of the information and experience that is gained. On the other hand, some say what’s the harm in paying kids for good grades? After all, isn’t that what is done in Corporate America every day where employers pay for performance (Khalfani-Cox). Getting paid for grades is different than for a job. Everyone should have to go to school to get an education where working everyday at a job is a choice. Afterall, education is what leads you to getting a better and higher paying job in the future. Education is a very important thing. You will use the things you …show more content…
You may need to try other things like using negative reinforcement in order for your child to be successful. Instead of giving your child something for their success, take things away when they don’t meet your standards. For example, if you tell your child that they need to work on making sure all their grades are at least a B or higher by their next grade check and they don’t meet it, take away phone, tv, or video game privileges. Setting goals for your child is an important aspect of being a parent. One of the goals you set should be to get good grades, that is something that should just be expected. When you set goals for your child and they achieve them; it shows personal growth, sense of accomplishment, and self achievement, which is way better than money that will just dampen the excitement of the task at

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