Persuasive Essay : Trophy Hunting

970 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Each of these viewpoints have positives and negatives, some rely on human interests while others are more ethically centered. When dealing with trophy hunting they all have some kind of part to play, but ultimately the sport still does not seem to be completely ethical. Despite these problems, trophy hunting has a lot of potential and could still be beneficial to the environment. Stronger laws and regulations could be established to ensure trophy hunting is really making a positive difference. Restricting trophy hunting only to certain species is another option. If neither of these two solutions works, there is always the option of stopping trophy hunting all together. The most successful hunting areas are those in first world countries. The United States has set times of the year when certain animals can be hunted. These regulations keep the white tailed deer and turkey populations in check, as well as provide revenue for the conservation department. Many areas where trophy hunting is popular have less regulations and rules. Corruption can be a major issue; it presents serious problems that may lead to overhunting. The failure of governments and hunting operators to devolve adequate benefits to local communities will also reduce the incentives for rural people to conserve wildlife . Revenue for conservation only meets part of the ethical goals discussed earlier. There are still biocentric and ecocentric issues with this solution. One way this practice could become more…

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