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Position Statement

We here at AUTESH (Auburn Tigers for Ethical and Safe Hunting) are a non-profit pro-hunting organization that promotes the practice of safe and ethical hunting through education and example. Hunting, as a source of sustenance by humans, has been commonplace before even the first cave paintings arose. However, in an increasingly developed world, hunting is surrounded by controversy. Although hunting has greatly evolved from the days of primal humans, so have humans and technology. What was once the primary mode of supplying food has become more of a choice in today 's world. Hunting is still the way a lot of people produce food for themselves and families, but it also a form of recreation, a form of population control, and even a sport for others. There are many anti-hunting groups and others that share the strong opinion that hunting is both cruel, unethical, and detrimental to wild game species populations. These groups are constantly pushing for the bans of this “blood sport”. However, this is simply not a factual argument and little scientific data, if any, supports these claims. In the remainder of this paper the facts that support ethical hunting will be examined,
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Michael R. Conover, author of Effect of Hunting and Trapping on Wildlife Damage, gives many examples of hunters harvesting enough to prevent, or reduce the levels of damage by wildlife. Damages of uncontrolled populations can be crop damage, crashes and peaks in wildlife populations, spread of disease, damage to non-game species, and exceeding carrying capacity of land. Some damaging wildlife species are whitetail deer, woodchucks, raccoons, rabbits, and waterfowl (Conover 2001). All of these species are game species that are harvested by hunters. While the monetary value of preventing these damages can be calculated, the more ecologically important aspects

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