Beauty In Poetry By Orr And Tredennick

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Beauty is an incredible topic to discuss. Partially, because every single individual has their own uniquely different opinion of what is beautiful, but also because there is nothing in this world that permanently describes what is to be considered beautiful and what is not. Beauty is a matter of opinion. What one person finds beautiful may not be something that another person finds beautiful, and this is amazing. This sense of individuality is what allows our world to be beautifully diverse. We saw differences in opinions of what is beautiful throughout our entire course. In each of our readings, the writer either found the topic to be beautiful or not, and left the reader to form their own opinion as well.
I define beauty as anything that
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Some people will find beauty in material items such as clothing, cars, etc. Some people will say that they find beauty in art, such as music, painting, and poetry. In the papers by Orr and Tredennick, both authors found beauty in poetry. Authors Hoffman, Ross, and Vivaldi found beauty in music. Clive Bell found beauty in painting. On the other hand, certain people will find nature to be considered pure beauty. We saw this in the readings …show more content…
The general idea of what is beautiful is shifting to be more accepting of all different cultures and beliefs. What society finds beautiful is always changing with time, but now, we can see that having beliefs that differ is becoming more accepted. The beauty of the world allows us to connect to the underlying source of order. Different ideas of what is truly beautiful allows us to balance society. The ability to accept differing ideas of beauty creates order by allowing individuals to feel more welcome and loved in a society that can, at times, be extremely harsh. Ultimately, the universe is well-ordered and beautiful. We have found ways to live and succeed. Looking at where we started, this is rather impressive. Everywhere we look we can find something that is beautiful. This might be as simple as taking a second to appreciate the physical world around us, or even more complex as finding beauty in the way the world works and the way we have learned to survive. Bottom line, beauty is all around us. People are going to have different opinions of what is beautiful, but no matter what, we can all find beauty somewhere. Beauty is not something we typically think about on the daily basis. But, when we do start to dig into what truly defines what is beautiful and what defines beauty, it is very interesting. Beauty is all around us and it is up to the individual person to decide what is beautiful to

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