Persuasive Essay : Sleep Deprivation

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AMDG Persuasive Essay - Sleep deprivation More than half of all teens in the UK are sleep deprived. This effects many things, most importantly, health and school but many scientists believe that it is the early start of the school day that could be what is causing this epidemic of teen sleep deprivation.
Most high schools across the UK start around 9 am meaning many children must wake up around 8 am, or earlier in many cases earlier, to get to school on time. According to researchers at Oxford university like Professor Russell Foster, director of sleep and circadian neuroscience at Oxford University, this is far too early for teenagers to wake up and compared getting a teenager to start there day at 7am to getting an adult to start their day at 5am due to the difference in developmental changes during puberty.
Hormones affect lots of things during teenage years and recently it has been found that body clocks are one of those big changes. According to neuroscientists teens are biologically programed to sleep around midnight and wake around 9 am, with many being naturally incapable of sleeping before 11 pm. Teen sleep deprivation begins around the same time as puberty starts because of chemical changes in the body changing the naturally body clock.
Teens need on average 9 hours of hours of sleep a night but, Scientist Professor Paul Kelley also of sleep and circadian neuroscience at Oxford University, estimates most teens only get roughly 7 and 1/3…

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