Persuasive Essay On The Bill Of Rights

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“We the people” - The Bill of Rights is paramount to every single human being in the United States. It is the collection of every right a person has, and everyone should know their rights to protect themselves. The United States is slowly becoming less and less free, but not in a restrictive way, it is for the safety of its citizens. Terrorism became more apparent in our country after September 11th, and thus the Patriot Act was passed. This allowed the FBI to survey any suspected terrorist without legal permission (a warrant.) It is not restrictive; we are not limited to what we can do beyond reasonable measures. Today, at any given moment in a busy city, we are on camera from multiple different angles. Also, our emails or phone calls may …show more content…
Originally, the Bill of Rights had 10 Amendments, mostly crafted by George Mason in 1776 just two months before the Declaration of Independence. He originally drafted almost 20 amendments, but after going through and having to be approved by Congress, the House of Representatives, and the Senate it got knocked down to 10. The Bill of Rights was written right in New York City, and 14 official copies were made, one for the federal government and one for each state at the time. The United States’ Bill of Rights now consists of 27 different Amendments, each stating the rights that we are given. For example, the one everyone knows, our freedom of expression (speech, religion, petitions, etc.) – the first amendment. We have amendments such as the right to bear arms (2nd), due process (4th and 14th), the right to a fair and speedy trial (6th), the right against excessive bail (Punishment fitting the crime – 8th), abolition of slavery (13th) and many others. Some of the Amendments were appealed by newer amendments added later on, most notably the 18th and 21st amendments - The 18th Amendment being the prohibition of liquor, and the 21st being the repeal of the prohibition. All of these Amendments were made to protect and uphold our rights, and it is very important that everyone knows their rights. Everyone should know what they are entitled to under the law, because there is a lot of misconduct and ignorance, sometimes not even on purpose, regarding our rights. It begins as “We the people,” for a reason – It is the proclamation of the people, for the

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