Persuasive Essay On Technology And Technology

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When I become a teacher I plan on teaching 3rd and 4th grade if I’m lucky! 3rd and 4th grade students are probably more tech savvy than I will be and by the time I become a teacher technology is going to be a huge part of education whether I want it to or not. With technology advancing at the rate it is teaching will soon become a breeze. Teachers will be able to do most everything with technology and find to be a good thing and a bad thing. When I think of technology, I instantly think of computers and the internet not calculators or a TV. Using a computer and the internet would definitely have its benefits in a classroom. With the internet there all the new Web 2.0 tools which not only work great for students, but teachers as well. There are so many helpful websites on the internet that can help students with their school work and projects or even help a teacher manage their classroom. For the grade level that I hope to teach there are many great ideas that help kids use their imaginations and learn at the same time or complete a possible homework assignment. The Web 2.0 tools also have several classroom management websites for students in different grade level. The website Class Dojo would be perfect to monitor 3rd and 4th grade student’s behavior. I believe that technology can be a great educational tool and should …show more content…
Instead of having to sit down each year and handwrite lesson plans that would take hours a teacher can easily find a lesson planner on line and fill it out there. This would make the lessons more organized and the teacher could save them for the next year as well as share them with other teachers. The teacher would also be able to go in and modify a lesson easily by extending it or just adding something else. If a lesson plan is done a paper this could easily mess everything up, but using a website would easily make the lesson plan adjustable no

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